Caiman textile produces knit fabric and also offer weaving and dyeing services for the whole market.

Caiman textil is located in the municipality of Schroeder, in the northern region of Santa Catarina. Caiman textil has been working in the textile industry for more than 25 years producing synthetic and cotton knit fabric.

The company maintains a serious commitment to customers, suppliers, employees, society and the environment, constantly investing in the development of human potential and new technologies, aiming to provide constant growth.

Caiman Textil is recognized by the market for producing quality products, has circular looms and a series of dyeing and laboratory equipment, allied to an efficient production process, guarantee regularity and high level of quality required by the customers.

Some products manufactured by Caiman:
  • Jersey Knit (half Mesh) 100% Combed Cotton
  • Jersey Knit (Half Mesh) – Cotton and Viscose
  • Jersey Knit (Half Mesh) – Blended Polyester
  • Jersey knit (Half Mesh)
  • Piquet 100% Cotton and Polyester
  • Sweatshirt
  • Cotton
  • Ribane (Rib)
  • Helanca Escolar (Veneza)
  • Meia malha e Piques Diferenciados


The company owns weaving and dyeing itself, which enables fabrication of knitwear from start to finish process. It uses state-of-the-art equipment, always investing in technology and also seeks to offer its employees opportunities for improvement, which generates a qualified workforce, committed to offering a product of high standard of quality.



Tones that match you need!

The quality of our fabrics is our main differential, because we use high quality raw material and cutting-edge production process, in addition the customer can choose the color you want, from our current, previous color card or even develop your own colors in our laboratory.

Our laboratory has physical structure and professionals trained to attend the most diverse needs in colors.